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"My little wild has stopped teasing my English after I told her that I would not mind to make our home conversation in my language."
"People often ask, ' If you could get three magic gifts from God, what you pick?'
But I already have them.
My three gifts are 'curiosity', 'imagination' and 'optimistic nature', besides 'challenging spirit' on the bonus."
"After all, I found that a flathead screwdriver is one of the perfect pistachio opener."
"Lately I have been feeling that we are only the sum total of the carbon that our bodies are composed of. The problems that we have come to us as feelings or emotions. These feelings do not have shape or form, so we should be able to make them into whatever we want.
Before we panic, we should be able to reshape these emotions, making them bigger or smaller. It only depends on our strength and experience, which we can use to control them."
"Well, the circuits of the artists' thinking resembles the relationship between the web page and HTML.
When we express our thoughts and imagination in a graphic, they are so clear and easily understood. But as soon as we try to explain those ideas in words, it will be a mess of difficult words and symbols."
"Daaaa...! Mr. Java script! How come can't you be more flexible!?
Are you my Dad or what?"
"Getting sick in USA is the financial suicide."
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