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"Chance gives a smile to the one who is ready to take it."
"If you keep looking only your front, you won't see the line on your back."
"People say 'I love Artists', but what they really know about Artists? They've ever thought about sharing the real madness with us?
I believe those extreme passions/emotions in me separated from the real world is the sauce to pull out the inspirations out of me that touch the core of people's hearts, which is usually wandering about deep inside of you unconsciously covered with the social taboo called 'common sense'."
"'ONLY' having the Gift, people appreciate this madness as Art. Everybody wants to have Art in their lives, but no body wants to have what the Art came out from in their lives..."
"If somebody's getting depressed in life, I would say, 'Look at me'.
I've got here believing in me. Sometimes, things do not go as you expected and you could feel as if you were ruining everything. But Everything can be only the path to get to the success of your dream.
You can not fail until you give up. As long as you keep going, you are on the path for your success."
"Believe me. Your hardship, tears and sorrow you are facing now are the training of your spirit. The strength you learn from there bring you more love and smiles in your future. Wherever you are, love all the people around you like your family. then you are not alone anymore."
"How come people always start calling me just in time when I get in the bathroom...?"
"Yep! It was the greatest thing that has happened in my life that I got a little person started messing around my life.
The funny thing is that before I got my little wild, I did not like kids because they were so unreasonable, and now I love kids because they are so unreasonable.."
"The more I paint my canvas, the less I paint my face."
"I talked with my mother in Japan.
I said, 'I am pretty happy that my apartment is now full of my paintings'. She said 'I would be happier if your apartment got empty when the world economy gets back better' -P*"
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