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I was a shy kid. I liked looking for fairies in grass and reading adventure stories from my gigantic book case. My parents were great patrons of cultures and art and made sure I had many opportunities to grow artistically. It seemed like I have been painting and drawing from my first breath. My school note books are filled with drawings.

    My professional art career started in the graphic arts field in Fukuoka, Japan in the early 1990s. After graduating from Seinan Gakuin University with a BA degree in French and Nihon interior design school with a BA degree in design and rendering, I founded Atelier Yume-Tsumugi Ltd. I operated that studio successfully for 5 years. I emphasized working on a variety of projects with varying requirements rather than a distinct style. Many of my works are displayed in hospital lobbies, corporate offices, and commercial building entrances in Japan.

In 1998, I broadened the scope of my endeavors to include projects in the United States. In the US, I decided to start concentrate on oil painting. I had always wanted to paint with oils in Japan, but slow drying oils were not realistic with the short deadlines of my commercial clients. Now I could do it.

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When we tap into our powers of imagination, we are blooms of possibilities.
I believe that I am one of the happiest creatures in the world because I have found what I am meant to do on this Earth and what I want to do from now on.


Izuka City, Japan



Bachelor of Rendering Design
-Nihon Interior Design School, 1993
Bachelor of French
-Seinan Gakuin University, 1988


-Represented by-

ArtistXchange Gallery
3169 16th Street, SF, CA
CityArt Gallery
828 Valencia Street, SF, CA
526 Castro Street 2nd Floor, SF, CA
Femina Potens Art Gallery
2199 Market Street, SF, CA
The Artist Alley Gallery
863 Mission Street, SF, CA
Venus Gallery
627 Cortland Avenue, SF, CA
Mad River Post Gallery
451 Jackson Street 2nd Floor, SF, CA
Yuri Shiller Gallery


-Selected Projects-

"Okin the Panda Bear Finds his Family"
Feb 2011 - Sep 2011
"The Purr-ple Power Cats Ventures"
June 2010 - Feb 2011
Conducted Professional Development in Japanese Art for teachers / Lectures and origami lessons for students K - 6 / Family Literacy and Art Night Event for the Lindsay community
Lindsay Unified School District, Lindsay, CA
March 4 - 6, 2008

PAL21 Shopping Center
Sign Design
Tsushima, Japan
Nishi-Nihon Univ. High School
Mural, Tile Mosaic
Yame, Japan
Mizoguchi Museum
Mural, Tile Mosaic
Fukuoka, Japan
Shiranui Hospital
Mural, Tile Mosaic
Omuta, Japan
Arus Nagazumi
Mural, Tile Mosaic
Fukuoka, Japan

Atelier Yume-Tsumugi, LTD.
Fukuoka City, Japan
CEO, Managing Principal

Creative design of signs, trademarks, mascots, packaging material and advertising.
Department of corporate and brand identity programs.
Commercial graphics and illustration, using pastels, charcoal pencil, pen and ink, watercolors, and airbrush.
Architectural perspective renderings.
Tile mosaic design.

-Selected Exhibitions-

Cantina Solo Show
May-June 2010
Groove Salon Solo Show
Apr.-June 2010
Cafe La Vie Solo Show
Mar.-Apr., 2010
BrickHouse Solo Show
Apr.-June 2009
PopPop! FizzFizz! Group Show
Jan 2009
Self Clothing Salon Solo Show
Chillin Production Group Show
Des 2007
StarBucks Chestnuts St. Solo Show
Sep.-Oct. 2007
SF Honda Solo Show
Jan.-July 2007
Chillin Production Group Show
May 2007
South First Gallery Group Show
Feb.-Apr. 2007
MadRiverPost Gallery Group Show
Oct.-Des. 2006
Roger Licot Memorial Show
Aug. 2006
Chameleon Cafe Solo Show
June 2005
Cafe Mono Solo Show
June 2005
HCafe Solo Show
Des. 2004
X'mas Tree Lot Group Show
Oct. 2004
YNCA Group Show
June 2004
Yo's SushiClub Solo Show
May 2004
Jupiter Art Group Show
Oct. 2003
Laufen Tile Showroom Solo Show
Sep. 2003
Red Devil Lounge Group Show
June 2003
Start SOMA Group Show
Mar. 2003

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